Simple, Secure, and Always Up-To-Date

Share important vendor contacts with you coworkers in one trusted place.

Lightning Fast Setup

Add vendors with our Google Places integration or grab them from other Pingtree accounts.

Control Who Sees What

Choose to share any vendor with all coworkers or just some of them.

Automatic Updates

Get automatic alerts and updates when any of your contacts change.

Tap into the Contact Grid.

Contact decay can cause big problems for office operations, and about a quarter of all vendor contacts decay each year. Only Pingtree provides automatic updates and alerts straight from your vendors for the most accurate data possible.

1. Match

Pingtree matches your contacts with locations and employees from other accounts.

2. Track

Pingtree tracks every single change made to those locations and employees.

3. Update

Pingtree automatically updates your contacts whenever a change is found.

Control how others see you on Pingtree.

Location Types

Location Types allow you to control how people see your locations. Use Physical Locations for places you want them to go, Virtual Locations for places you want them to call, and Private Locations for everywhere else.

Employee Cloaking

Employee Cloaking allows you to control how people see your coworkers. When Employee Cloaking is enabled, people can only see your coworkers if they have a proven relationship. Employee Cloaking is enabled by default.

Share vendors, not folders.

Do you want to share a certain vendor with only some coworkers? Just edit the Share With setting for that vendor. There’s no need to juggle multiple contact folders.

Keep private information private.

Use Manager Notes when information is for your-eyes-only, and use Shared Notes when you need to keep your team in the loop.

Let your coworkers chip in.

Contact management can be a drag. Enlist your trusted coworkers to help by giving them Manage Vendors permissions.

Organize contacts for quick search.

Vendor Labels

Add custom labels to help your coworkers search and find the right vendor for the job.

Grouped Contacts

Group all contacts for the same vendor together for a complete view of the relationship.

From office manager to office hero!

Put Pingtree to work for your office.