Pingtree | B2B Sales Enablement Tool<

The private network for company-to-company relationships.

Just assign, update, and swap out your dedicated points of contact to create a strong account relationship.

Fast Setup

Add customer relationships in bulk, grab them from other Pages, or input them one-at-a-time.

Get Connected

Choose to assign any of your employees or locations to be their dedicated points of contact.

Stay Connected

Receive alerts when customers have employee turnover that could threaten your relationship.

Be there when your leads are ready to buy.

Extensions bring Pingtree relationships into the most common workflows. By learning and observing purchase intent behaviors in real time, Pingtree automatically reminds your leads about your existing relationship right when they’re finally ready to buy. Extensions are coming soon. 

1. Observe

Pingtree observes and learns real customer purchase intent.

2. Remind

Pingtree reminds leads about your existing business relationship.

3. Update

Pingtree always provides your most up-to-date points of contact.

Control how others see you on Pingtree.

Location Types

Use Physical Locations for places you want your customers to go, Virtual Locations for places you want your customers to call, and Private Locations for places your customers don’t need to know about. 

Employee Cloaking

Limit who can see your employees on Pingtree with Employee Cloaking. When Employee Cloaking is enabled, customers can only see your employees when they have a proven, personal relationship. 

Share relationships, not folders.

Need to share a specific relationship with only some coworkers? Just edit the Pingtree sharing setting for that relationship. There’s no need to juggle multiple contact folders or groups. 

Keep private information private.

Use Manager Notes when information is for your-eyes-only, and use Shared Notes when you need to keep your entire team in the loop.

Let your coworkers chip in.

Relationship management can be a drag. Enlist your trusted coworkers to help manage your Pingtree account by giving them Manage Relationships permissions.

Organize your relationships for quick search.

Contact Labels

Add contact labels to help your coworkers search for the right relationship. 

Grouped Contacts

Group multiple contacts together for a complete view of the relationship.

The Pingtree B2B Sales Enablement Tool 

Powered by account-based intelligence.

The Pingtree Growth Pledge

For every Pingtree account we plant a tree (a real one).